Sunday, January 22, 2012

The offline key to learning Powershell


I have been reading a lot about Powershell and Powershell Community has helped me a lot in various problems that I faced. There are lots of books and blogs available. But what if i have just powershell installed and no Internet connectivity...........then the only thing that comes to rescue is the

"get-help" cmdlet ( commands referred as cmdlets in PoSh )

Now, it is pretty basic and has helped a beginner like me a lot. So how do i know how to use get-help ?
Well the answer is simple, key in this
get-help get-help

Now try this

get-help about*

This lists all the about examples shipped with Powershell. These examples are very informative.

Now, if you read the get-help's help then you know what to do...when you want to know about a new cmdlet...but wait how you discover all cmdlets in Powershell

Key in this to  know how to discover new cmdlets.

get-help get-command

Few useful links:  --- has got great tutorials for beginners  --- this one i read for citrix + powershell stuff MVP & CTP Brandon's blog  --- MVP Don Jones' blog --- hey! scripting guy's blog -- try this free GUI for PoSh