Monday, April 30, 2012

2012 Scripting Games : Beginner Event #2

The second problem for the SG 2012 can be found here

In this Event there was a little confusion as to what I had to do.....But going through comments on this problem and Scripting Wife's hint the picture became clear that I had to only find the Stoppable running services (complicated eh !).

Scripting Guy's design point can be a bit confusing at times but the key to solve is to think how to encompass all the design points.

The Script I wrote worked fine..what I did was queried the services running on the system ,then filtered one running with the status "Running", then finally filtered those with canstop property set to $true........but when read the comments on my script I learned a few things

Things learned:

1.  How to write compound Where clause.Read this article here . After reading this learned how to handle Boolean values and write compound where clause.

2. Read previous Scripting Games problem and solutions :)

param (
        $commputername = $env:computername

Get-Service -ComputerName $computername |
    where {$_.status -eq "running"} |
    where {$_.canstop -eq $true } 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 Scripting Games : Beginner Event #1

I had heard a lot about Scripting Games and decided this year to participate in them.
I was excited to see myself Script among other Beginners. This year they had done some changes such as One cannot participate in both Advanced and Beginner Section. One has to submit the script in 7 days after the Event goes online.

The first problem can be read here: Beginner Event 1

Summary: Beginner Event 1 of the 2012 Scripting Games uses Windows PowerShell to identify a working set of processes.

This was a bit easy for me as I had already read few blogs and books on PowerShell.
Below is my script and I got 4.5 star rating for it.
Though the event asked for one-liner , I wrote it this way. The key to get 5 Star rating is to keep focus on the design points and take your time to submit the script , copy paste what you have tested at least thrice .
The Scripting Wife hints at Scripting Guy blog will give you a bit of idea as how to approach the problem.
Some of the things I learned from participating in Scripting Games :) 

Things Learned :

1. For each Event read the comments too on the page, People ask the Scripting Guy a lot of questions that'll help you clarify a lot of things.

2.  Do a little bit of research before giving the final solution

3. Submit only what is asked for. Read the comments from judges

#takes care of the default condition
param (
        $computername = $env:computername
#gets the top 10 processes running on a Computer
Get-Process -ComputerName $computername |
 sort -Property workingset -Descending |
 select -First 10