Sunday, July 07, 2013

Drop to PowerShell using Remotely Anywhere

This is just basics but something I came across recently ,  remotely anywhere is a remote administration tool which our Enterprise uses.
Most of the time User face some issues with installation of applications , so Remotely anywhere helps in assisting them using the remote desktop using a web interface

Remotely anywhere also listens on port 22 the name of the service is "RemotelyAnywhere SSH Server".

Sojust connect to a remote machine using putty and then you are droppped to a  cmd shell  and then start PowerShell from there. The best part is it doesn't prompt for the User confirmation :)

The pre-requisite is that Remotely Anywhere be installed on the remote machine and listening on port 22.

So open up a putty console and connect on port 22.

After that you need to authenticate yourself, I am logging into a machine in Enterprise (running AD) so I used my domain credentials to log in and you do need to

After that you are dropped to a command prompt, from where you can run powershell.exe for swift and easy administration :)

Now the difference between the opened session in the above screenshot is that the Profile gets executed when I open this session which is equivalent to running this powershell session locally on that machine.

Note : When you open a PSSession the profile doesn't run for the User.

So now for common tasks to be performed behind the scene for Users like installing a SCCM client, repairing it can be done without disrupting User's day to day work.