Friday, July 10, 2015

PowerShell + Azure + Python : Use Project Custom Settings


First to set up the background [bit reaching on the Dev side] on the post, quick introduction to what is an Azure Cloud service along with some terms Dev like to throw around:

Cloud Service :
PaaS offering , running VMs on Microsoft Azure. You have control over these VMs as you can remote into them and customize them to run your apps. A typical cloud service contains:

  • Web Role - Windows Server running IIS on top of it.
  • Worker Role - Windows Server.
Now using Visual Studio one can configure the Cloud Service as per ones need (Check Resources at the bottom). There are typically 2 files in your project definition which need tweaking (source : MSDN - link in Resources section) :

  • ServiceDefinition.csdef  : The service definition file defines the runtime settings for your cloud service including what roles are required, endpoints, and virtual machine size. None of the data stored in this file can be changed when your role is running.
  • ServiceConfiguration.cscfg : The service configuration file configures how many instances of a role are run and the values of the settings defined for a role. The data stored in this file can be changed while your role is running.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

PowerShell MVP 2015

I received the official notification yesterday that my PowerShell MVP award has been renewed !!