Saturday, October 24, 2015

PowerShell + AD + Pester : create new user using template Part 2

It seems like it has taken me forever to post this one. I had this one almost ready but then I asked few questions around, read a lot of posts and had to rewrite the pieces of the post, to sum it all it has been an eye opening when trying to test PowerShell code which interacts with Infrastructure.

Below pic depicts my state at this point ( revelation to a whole new world).

[ credits : movie "V for Vendetta"]

In the last post, we laid the foundation for our Function. Go back and check the code their as we start from where we left off.

In this post we dive straight into the third context for our Pester tests :
  1. Context "User Creation"
      It should return Object when -Passthru specified (New addition)
      It should take OU Path from template User.
      It should only copy allowed set of attributes from the User (by default).
      It should allow copying a subset of allowed set of attributes
Note - I have added one more test to the context, which is in green. Why rest of the functions are marked in Red :O ? Answer to this follows in the conclusion section.

Friday, October 02, 2015

PSConfAsia : My experience

Since it has been few weeks after PowerShell conference Asia, I have finally kicked of the laziness and made up my mind to blog about my experience around it.

PowerShell Conference Asia