Tuesday, January 31, 2017

PowerShell : Trust network share to load modules & ps1


Do you have a central network share, where you store all the scripts or PowerShell modules ?
What happens if you try to run the script from a network share ? or if you have scripts (local) which invoke scripts or import PowerShell modules stored on this network share ?

Well you would see a security warning like below (Note - I have set execution policy as 'Unrestricted' not 'bypass' here):

Run a .ps1 from the network share

Well this is a similar warning, which you get when you download scripts from Internet.
As the message says run Unblock-File cmdlet to unblock the script and then run it, let's try it.

Using Unblock-File does not help, still invoking the script presents the same security warning.

Import a PowerShell module from the network share

You would even see a similar warning if you try to import a PowerShell module from the network share using Import-Module.

Use the network resources in your local scripts

So if you have scripts which try to import or reference a module/ script placed on this network share, then again it would display the security warning each time it is run. Not good for the unattended automation workflows you have.


So you get an idea about the problem at hand, now the solution to this problem is you can manually trust the network location for files, using the IE.

Old manual way using IE

Below is an animated gif showing this in action.

Trust network share using PowerShell

Well this is no rocket science, but the above method of using IE to trust network share actually writes to registry. So below is a quick function which adds the required registry entries :

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