Monday, January 09, 2012

Real PowerShell lies in Objects

The very first thing about Powershell which takes geeks by awe is that every cmdlet (same as command) in PS returns Object based ouput rather than text-based.

Though this is the major reason for the success of Powershell but i think that Microsoft has done a great job integrating all the best things available as of now , just to name a few piplining, interpolation from Unix and programmatic constructs of Perl, Python and many more.

Powershell gives geek a way to finally be free of the GUI but the question is do we really want to be free of the Graphical UI ?

Another thing that is worth appreciating is that finally Microsoft is able to give users (say admins) the well documented help....Ohh! that was a long wait. Key in "get-help get-help -detailed" for how to use get-help.

The commands referred to as cmdlets in Powershell are of a standard naming convention "verb-noun" now this is simple but is pretty awesome feature.....suppose i wanted to get the list of all the services running then verb is get and noun is service, so the cmdlet is get-service.

More to come ...

Disclaimer -- these are a Powershell enthusiasts views. Don't feel offended.