Sunday, February 05, 2012

Powershell + Facebook

This post i stumbled @Twitter by M$ MVP Don Jones. And this is really awesome stuff......Managing Facebook from Powershell ( a command line ) although i have heard of using Facebook from command line in Linux (using fbcmd) .

Here it is the page for the PS module

The Author of this Module has done a really great job and given so many functionality at an alpha stage...Hoping for more.

Steps :

1. Install the Module by clicking on it.

2. Then Open a Powershell ISE or Powershell in STA the STA mode is needed.

3.  Then Import-Module facebook inside the console ( see below pic)

4. Then issue the command "New-FBConnection" and it pops-up the Connection Box

5. I face some error trying directly to set status after did this issue
"Show-FBConnectionDialog" and in pop-up grant access.

6. Now to take a loot at what you can do just key-in "get-command -module facebook". Heck a lot of things you can do.

To just show you a feel of it here's a screenshot....really cool from Enterprise point of view to allow Facebook in their Environment. ;)