Sunday, October 21, 2012

Server 2012 and Server Core...New Plan

I am taking this new initiative to learn Server 2012 along with Server Core.....

Lab Setup:
I have VHD booted Server 2012 with full blown GUI on my Physical Machine (Name - DexterPOSH).
Then I have enabled the Hyper-V role on my this machine and installed a Server Core 2012 on a VM created in the Hyper-V (Name - DexServercore).

Along doing this Lab Setup, I came to learn cool things and I want to share them:

Step 1: Download the trial Server 2012 iso.

Step 2: I have a Windows 7 box , so to test the Server 2012 I am going to VHD Boot the Server 2012 for 180 days (license period) then delete the VHD and the boot entry. Here is a great article on how to do this for Windows 8 but the steps are the same for Server 2012 too.

Step3: Once you have VHD Booted your machine to Server 2012. Open our favorite PowerShell console and run the following to install Hyper-V role on the host

 Get-WindowsFeature -name *hyper* | Install-WindowsFeature

Reboot your machine to complete Hyper-V installation

Step 4: After reboot, create a new VM in Hyper-V

But before we do this we need to create a virtual switch using PowerShell v3, I am going to create a new internal network switch

New-VMSwitch -Name "internal network" -SwitchType Internal

Once the switch is created use this when creating the New VM :

New-VM -Name "ServerCore" -VHDPath D:\VHD\ServerCore.vhd -MemoryStartupBytes 1024MB -BootDevice IDE -SwitchName "Internal Network"

Step 5: Now the VM is created ...I need to add the Server Core iso to the VM and Boot it

Add-VMDvdDrive -VMName ServerCore –Path D:\ISOs\ServerCore.iso 

Start-VM -Name "ServerCore"

Now Boot the VM by going to Hyper-V manager and Connect to the VM and complete the installation.

 Following is a  ScreenShot of my Lab, Note that the Server Core is running in the VM ..Cool !

P.S. - Now there is another method which can be used.....Follow the VHD boot article(shared in step 2)  and apply the appropriate WIM Image from the ISO to the VHD of the New VM and you are good to go too :)

That's all for now, will keep posting what I try on this setup.