Sunday, February 23, 2014

PowerShell + SCCM 2012 R2 : Extending Discovery; Create Custom DDRs

While working on the previous post on exploring Discovery methods with PowerShell I came across this awesome post on creating custom DDRs with PowerShell in ConfigMgr07.

The above post explains how to create custom DDRs using ConfigMgr SDK for ConfigMgr 07.

So I got tempted to immediately try it out in my ConfigMgr12 environment and found out that there exists another cool way shown by Adam Meltzer (using C#) in his blog to create DDRs in ConfigMgr12. So in this post will try to cover :
  • Create DDRs using COM Interface (DLL used : smsrgenctl.dll)
  • Create DDRs using the new DiscoveryDataRecordFile Object Interface (DLL used: Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.Messaging.dll)
Note : Both the above DLLs are part of ConfigMgr 2012 SDK.

Create DDRs using COM Interface (DLL used : smsrgenctl.dll)

Tried loading the smsrgenctl.dll from PowerShell using Add-Type , System.Reflection.Assembly's LoadFrom Method which is supposed to load the dependencies.

Finally used the resgvr32.exe to load and it did work but it would show sometime that it was success but won't show up the ProgID in my registry

After the DLL is loaded is pretty Straight Forward to follow the post mentioned earlier. Below is the Code which I used it has comments explaining what each line does:

After this you will see the entry reflect in ConfigMgr Console:

Create DDRs using the new DiscoveryDataRecordFile Object Interface (DLL used : Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.Messaging.dll )

If you look in the "Redistributables" folder for ConfigMgr 12 SDK there is a dll named 'Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.Messaging.dll'. Following the post by Adam (which is in C#) I was able to do it in PowerShell. Below is the what the documentation says about the class DiscoverDataRecordFile which will be used:

Note that this supersedes the old COM Method we used to create the DDRs.

This one is actually easy. See the code below (comments explaining each step):

Now the proof:

So this is how you can extend discovery using PowerShell.....I find this one very cool. Now I can populate a lot of device entries in my SCCM environment for testing.

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UPDATE:: There is a cmdlet in the CM2012 R2 PowerShell Module which does this job of creating DDRs for you Import-CMComputerInformation, came to knew about this while reading this post HERE